SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 69
“We plan on moving forward with EAD using collection management software, most likely the Archivist Toolkit,
to ease the creation of EAD-XML.”
“We think that the time and effort is worthwhile because researchers are finding collections that have finding aids
marked up in EAD. When we begin fully implementing MPLP, I believe that we will mark up less folder inventories
but definitely mark up collection-level info into EAD.”
“While our current search software does not yet fully utilize all of the tags available in our finding aids, we remain
optimistic that the time and effort spent creating the EAD records is worthwhile.”
“Yes, definitely.”
“Yes, especially as we integrate EAD encoding into the creation of new finding aids and can generate online
and print copies from the encoded version. Using archival standards to describe, encode, and disseminate our
collections contributes to the quality and longevity of our finding aids.”
“Yes, especially when brief EAD records are created or when box and folder lists can be exported from Access to
“Yes, it adds to the searchability of collections, and helps make descriptions more uniform. It allows us to meet
professional standards.”
“Yes, it allows us to place the collections on the Online Archive of California, where there is increased access by
scholars and the public.”
“Yes, the standardization is helpful.”
“Yes, we feel it is beneficial to mark the records in EAD, and the Archivists’ Toolkit and our IT support helps in this
“Yes. EAD promotes accessibility through delivery in the Online Archive of California. As access to materials is one
of our primary goals, the creation of EAD finding aids is a focus of our processing activities.”
“Yes. EAD has greatly improved discovery of our collections.”
“Yes. Enormously improved discoverability of specific materials for local and remote users as well as public
services and reference staff.”
“Yes. Use local database for EAD creation/master finding aid data. EAD record is basis for all other descriptive
products—MARC records, Web finding aids, paper finding aids.”
“Yes. Discovery through our Web site and Archive Grid, links from our catalog records in WorldCat, Archive Grid,
and NUCMC, and our OPAC to the EAD finding aid.”
If finding aids are not being marked up in EAD, please comment on whether you perceive any
internal or external pressure to do so in the future. N=22
“Aids created since July 2004 are EAD ready.”
“EAD Markup is not done for all finding aids. In many cases, EAD has been used for grant-funded projects that
may have required or encouraged use, or for which EAD markup made our proposal more competitive. We expect
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