SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 79
“See previous answer. For finding aids that were completed during the conversion of the legacy finding aids, we
are also creating EADs using NoteTab based on the text finding aid.”
“Size and research importance.”
“Some legacy finding aids remain to be converted.”
“Some of the above are single items, requiring very little description. The above number is finding aids in HTML
on the Web site. Otherwise, we now only add finding aids in EAD. Criteria include narrative description and box
content description.”
“The 6,000 finding aid figure for our Web site includes University Archives’ holdings as well as our manuscript
collections. We currently have around 1,200 HTML pages on our Web site and 99% of those are finding aids.”
“The criteria depends on the ease of encoding and completeness of the legacy finding aid. The process involves
encoding being completed by processing staff or interns, initial quality control being conducted by the University
Archivist, then subject curators reviewing for content. After review, the University Archivist uploads EAD to server
and publishes it.”
“There are links from the Special Collections Web site to the Online Archive of California. As finding aids are
finished, they are marked up, and go into OAC.”
“These finding aids on the Web are as a result of donor agreements.”
“They are added in order of their anticipated use. Criteria used to evaluate include conditions relating to public
access, collection scope, content, and general interest in subject matter.”
“University Archives: If most of the collection is unrestricted, we put the finding aid online when it is processed to
the level we deem appropriate for the specific collection. If most of the collection is restricted, we do not put the
finding aid online.”
“We are currently in the process of evaluating our legacy finding aids. When new accessions are added, finding
aid may get reviewed and updated.”
“We are gradually adding all finding aids to the Web site.”
“We do not host any of our finding aids locally. They are hosted by OAC and we provide links to them from our
Web site. Our Web pages for manuscript collections are currently being re-designed and in the future we will
display all of our completed EAD finding aids using an XSLT style sheet on our own Web site.”
“When processing is completed, as time permits.”
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