106 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Can’t evaluate this yet.”
“Difficult to assess.”
“I was not aware until I began this survey that these online usage stats are available, so I cannot say which are
used more.”
“Impossible to determine in the absence of statistics for use of online finding aids. Researchers in reading room
use both. Researchers who contact the reading room by mail, e-mail, or telephone are directed to online finding
aids whenever possible.”
“Unable to determine because the usage is not tracked.”
“We do not have in-house finding aids.”
Additional Comments
31. Please enter any additional information regarding manuscript collections at your library that may
assist the author in accurately analyzing the results of this survey. N=20
Selected Comments from Respondents
“A preliminary in-house box list is done for each collection to allow us to place collections into storage. We have
pretty good control over our collections in-house. However, only 9.4% of our collections are fully processed.”
“At Notre Dame all modern manuscripts are held in the University Archives, which is administratively separate
from the University Library system.”
“At our institution we consider any unpublished materials that aren’t official university records to be manuscript
collections. Our manuscript collections are diverse—we have everything from plantation records to Congressional
papers to women’s club records.”
“At Western we do not formally segregate university records from MSS collections in the archives so some
arbitrary decisions were made in responding for physical content (especially unprocessed) and time devoted to
MSS work by staff.”
“Because of the wide variety of types and levels of inventories no effort was made to count those that included
“Comment regarding question 11: All have been converted we don’t have legacy finding aids at UCSD.”
“Given the decentralized nature of special collections here, it is difficult to report accurately the investment of staff
resources in processing manuscripts. Many small departments have many things to do.”
“Historical Collections and Labor Archives is one unit of the Special Collections Library at Penn State-University
Park. With a total of nearly 950 collections, we are the smallest unit. Special Collections has developed a
database and is currently committing staff to describing all collections at the collection level in order to automate
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