SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 47
Temporary project staff 1 100% 0% None
Library Clerk 1 5% Preservation scanning of historic
Library Assistant Computer Resource
2 0% 75%
Reference, graphic design,
administrative duties
Graduate Assistants 2 80% 20%
Graduate Student Assistants 2 95% 0% Preservation and reference
Volunteers 2 100% 0%
Volunteers 3 50% 0% Abstracting oral history transcripts
Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching 3 10%
0% Outreach (GANTS work 20 hours
per week)
Graduate Assistants 5 75% 10% Reference
Additional comments about staffing for manuscript collections. N=26
“All titles in a given category are listed on the first line. The numbers assigned to them are used to demonstrate
which titles are processing. All professional staff are expected to process. Most support staff will process
something at some point in time. The numbers given reflect current processing arrangements.”
“Another Lilly Librarian, Curator of Manuscripts, not in Technical Services Department, spends 30 %of her time
arranging and describing manuscript collections.”
“Ephemera collections are included in manuscript reporting.”
“In brief: virtually all of the A&D is done by students.”
“Manuscript Curators are primarily responsible for dealing with our manuscript collections. They make decisions
on how the collections will be processed and to what level. They also decide what should be digitized. They are
assisted by paraprofessionals and students who do most of the actual manuscript processing.”
“Most processing supervised by the University Archivist who also adds the information/materials to the Web.
Curators prioritize processing projects and answer questions about content.”
“Not all Web support is done by staff involved in arranging and describing collections. The Computer Support
Analyst and the Digital Initiatives Specialist both provide support for our digital presence.”
“Note: The Special Collections Cataloging Librarian works only 20 hours per week. The Student Assistant
(Archives) currently works 12 hours per week (varies each quarter depending on class schedule, but does not
exceed 19 hours per week).”
“Of the staff included in the survey above, currently one Archivist and one .5 FTE Library Assistant are temporary
hires for special projects.”
“Our staffing draws from other departments: cataloguers, librarians, and other support staff. To a certain extent
they assist us in making archives and manuscripts accessible either by descriptions or digital sites.”
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