SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 83
“OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository—consortial repository of finding aids in the state of Ohio.”
“The OhioLINK Consortium is scheduled to release an EAD encoding tool and repository this year. The
repository will deliver finding aids and use the XTF Search Engine, adapted from the California Digital Library
implementation, for search. We expect to adopt the encoding tool and participate in the finding aid repository for
delivery and search.”
“We hope to create a local consortium so that our finding aids will be searchable along with those of other
archival and manuscript repositories in the region.”
“At least not in the near future.”
“No plans currently, but this could change.”
“Not for now.”
24. Does the library have any special software or program that allows users to search across fields?
Yes 36 58%
No 26 42%
If yes, please briefly describe the software. N=40
Selected Comments from Respondents
“ARCHON allows some searching across finding aids.”
“At UCSD we use Orpheus we also have Online Archive of California. Both of which have search engines.”
“Currently investigating XTF for this purpose.”
“DLXS.” (4 responses)
“DLXS, which we are in the process of testing for implementation.”
“Done in OAC.”
“DT search.”
“Endeca as an interface for the online catalog provides the speed and flexibility of popular online search engines
while capitalizing on existing catalog records.”
“eXist an open source XML database application that features index-based XQuery processing.”
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