72 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
“Exhibit information.”
“Extent, restrictions, if there is a finding aid, and custodial history.”
“File-level description.”
“File-level description of contents.”
“Finding aid.”
“Finding Aids full text. Links to finding aids full text.”
“Folder lists.”
“Folder lists when applicable.”
“Fonds-level description using all appropriate elements required by RAD.”
“For most collections there is also a container list.”
“For some, abstracts of content.”
“Formats, topics, contact information.”
“Full finding aids.”
“General collection overview before making EAD, and after EAD linked to EAD.”
“Inventory list.”
“Item listings, in HTML and PDF formats, are present for some collections. MARC records through the library’s
OPAC with collection descriptions for 108 collections.”
“Other fields as required by the Rules for Archival Description.”
“Scope and contents, bio info, container lists, series info, subject headings.”
“Scope note, digitized images in some cases.”
“Some collections have been scanned and mounted on the Web with full searchable transcriptions and
“Some EAD finding aids include detailed collection contents.”
“Sometimes inventories.”
“The existence of box-level/folder-level finding aids.”
“There are virtual exhibits that include selections from a few collections.”
“Usually graphics about or from the collection.”
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