SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 87
the implementation of those schemes, and curators are responsible for content selection. We are developing an
in-house software program to help distribute the gathering of the information necessary to place manuscript
collections online. (see http:/www.lib.byu.edu/indi).”
“Peer archivists/librarians in the Law Library and the Music Library are available for consultation and assistance
and work with Archives as a team on cooperative ventures.”
“Please note that this represents workflow for the Charles E. Young Research Library Dept of Special Collections
only. There are other special collection libraries who contribute EAD finding aids to the OAC as well, with different
workflow: Staff involved: manuscript processors (3 librarians, 3 staff) and two OAC staff (1 library asst, 1
computer resource specialist).”
“Public Services Department, Lilly Library: 1 librarian (.1 FTE) and 1 library assistant (.25 FTE). IU Digital Library
Program: 2 librarians, 2 professional staff. IU School of Library and Information Science: 1 graduate assistant (.25
“Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library archives staff also process manuscripts and provide online
“Special Collections Cataloging provides some support, especially in catalog records However, each of the
programs in special collections does manuscript processing and on-line description.”
“Special Collections students and staff create the EAD-encoded finding aids. Staff in the Digital Library Center
process these files, make them available by posting to the Web, and preserve the EAD files.”
“Technical service ‘Metadata’ librarian is instrumental in working with SCUA to encode finding aids and catalog
collections. Other staff reporting to the Metadata librarian also participate in these activities.”
“The Manuscripts Cataloging Librarian catalogs all manuscript collections for Special Collections units, creates
EAD finding aids for all Special Collections units, and occasionally processes literary and some historical
“The Music and one of the Africana librarians produce finding aids for collections in their fields. A cataloger
produces the marc record using the information from the finding aid.”
“The position of Archivist and Processing Coordinator was created to create descriptive information and
collaborate with technical staff in designing search and display platform. Staff were reassigned to descriptive
project to generate collection level information on all collections. The descriptive project is conducted by all units
of the Special Collections Library, of which Historical Collections and Labor Archives is one of three units.”
“The Special Collections and Manuscripts cataloger is located in our Monographic Services Division rather than in
Special Collections.”
“There is an Archives unit at UdeM :http://www.archiv.umontreal.ca/.”
“We do not process our manuscript collections for the Web, we process them for patrons! One of the ways that
we provide access to our collections is by providing finding aids online. That said, we do have a person who takes
our finding aids and mounts them on our Web site.”
“We receive assistance from the Library’s IT department when displaying finding aids and digital collections of the
Web. These departments are Systems and Digital Library Development.”
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