SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 103
“Reader registration forms.”
“Standard Webalizer application for the entire library.”
“Through patron registration records.”
“Usage observations.”
“We tabulate monthly statistics on how many manuscripts collections get used per month.”
“Well, we don’t track use of finding aids, we track use of collections.”
Online finding aids tracking method N=29
“123 log analyzer currently set up to report top 200 hits on library Web site but can request a report that
shows all hits of departmental pages.”
“ACCESS database.”
“Apache Web server logs tell us which EAD files have been accessed and when.”
“Counted as part of statistical analysis.”
“Customized system, locally designed to track page views.”
“Electronically generated reports showing number of hits, downloads, etc.”
“Hits on finding aids on Web sites.”
“Institutional IT staff generates annual Web statistics which permit us to see which finding aids are viewed.”
“IT Web statistics.”
“OAC provides contributing institutions with statistics on finding aid usage.”
“Occasional non-scientific examination of Web traffic data provided by commercial Web analytics software (Web
“Run statistical reports.”
“Sort of search data on the NWDA server at Washington State University. Done infrequently.”
“Statistics from the Online Archive of California.”
“Statistics provided on the OAC.”
“The computer applications unit can run reports to count the number of request for different pages from 2004 to
the present.”
“Tracking of Web access.”
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