SPEC Kit 307: Manuscript Collections on the Web · 65
If yes, did you make this standard apply to your legacy records? N=43
Yes 24 56%
No 19 44%
“All collection level information will be entered into the database in DACS standard form over the next five years.
Legacy records are part of this process.”
“APPM used for legacy records, revised per DACS as additions, edits are made and finding aids reuploaded to the
“As we convert legacy records to EAD or revisit them, we have attempted to apply DACS when possible.”
“Gradually, we are bringing all legacy finding aids up to the DACS standard.”
“In progress.”
“Legacy record conversion done by student assistants and when staff must update a record. Student conversions
are reviewed and edited as time allows.”
“Legacy records are made to conform to DACS only when they are being revised for some other reason such as
adding additional material to the collection.”
“Legacy records are part of the process of entering collection-level information into the database over the next
five years.”
“Ongoing process as records are reviewed.”
“Sometimes. We have not revised all of our legacy records, but we have an active campaign to do so.”
“This process ongoing, but slowly.”
“We are currently in the process of ensuring that our older records comply with DACS. This project is not yet
“We are in the midst of a retrospective project to bring our legacy finding aids up to compliance with an EAD best
practice guide and DACS.”
“We are still working on the legacy records, but they are being made DACS compliant.”
“We do not have an ongoing project to address the legacy records, but have applied DACS when we did address
the few that we have addressed.”
“We will, as records need to be updated.”
“Yes, but only as we revisit those records, on a case-by-case basis.”
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