58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Microsoft Access (locator guide)
Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro
Oracle platform with customized Cold Fusion interface
Voyager OPAC
Library/museum information management N=8
Advance (GEAC)
PastPerfect (primarily to manage _collection location_ information
SIRSI (2 responses)
Voyager ILS (2 responses)
Open source N=11
Archivists’ Toolkit (4 responses)
Archivists Toolkit (in testing stage only)
Archon (2 responses)
HTML pages on the Web
Other N=31
All processed collections have records in the on-line catalog.
Ariadne (Fox Pro application)
Database management software such as Microsoft Access
DBTextWorks (InMagic)
Descriptive EAD enabling system, applies XML tags to database.
DreamWeaver or hard code
Excel Spreadsheet
Excel spreadsheets, 7 Word documents
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