88 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
None, other than supplying information.
None refer to campus Human Resources/Benefits department.
None. We refer them to campus Benefits and Payroll.
One-on-one consultation and problem solving in Libraries Human Resources Office.
Process enrollment changes, provide reminders via e-mail about actions possible during open enrollment and the
enrollment deadline, answer questions, act as liaison with campus HR.
Refer the employee to the university’s retirement office. We enter necessary payroll actions. We work to resolve
coverage issues, monitor payroll deductions, advertise and respond to questions on open enrollment, and counsel
employees who experience life changes.
Remind employees of enrollment deadlines.
Sponsors presentation by university HR during open enrollment will assist with university HR liaison on specific issues if
employee has been unable to independently resolve.
The Libraries does not administer retirement benefits or insurance plans. That is done through the central benefits office.
The Libraries Human Resources office refers employees to Central Human Resources for insurance related issues. Library
HR ensures all employees make elections during positive open enrollment periods.
The Library Administrative Services office provides assistance to library staff with completing the retirement and
insurance benefits paperwork. All paperwork is then sent to the university’s Human Resource department.
The library does not administer retirement benefits that is done through the university’s Human Resources office. The
library is there for referral information or coordination with that office. The library’s Human Resource office processes
the retirement personnel action paper work to initiate the employee’s retirement date to begin benefits. The library’s
Human Resource office process’s the personnel action paper work to initiate the employee’s hire date to begin benefits,
to terminate employment, to stop benefits. They are there for information purposes only to direct an employee to
university Human Resources for enrollment change information or to Web site. Open enrollment is conducted by the
State of Texas in the summer of each year and is coordinated through the main Human Resource office the library will
dissimilate the information to it’s staff via an e-mail.
The library has no role in administering retirement benefits. If there is a change in employment status, the library would
complete an employee transaction form and send it to Human Resources for processing. Employees contact Human
Resources directly if there are benefit or pension issues, questions, etc.
The library is not involved in any aspect.
The Library plays NO role in administering retirement benefits or insurance plans.
The university HR office is the sole administrator. The library HR staff can answer basic questions and point to resources,
but that is the extent of our involvement.
Traditionally all questions are directed to parent Institution. Forms for establishing benefits and making changes are
available in Libraries Human Resource office or found online. Libraries will assist as a liaison between staff and parent
Human Resource Office. If problem can not be resolved, staff are asked to contact parent Human Resource Office. Open
enrollment is processed solely by parent Human Resource office.
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