56 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If health insurance is offered to library staff, please answer the following question.
If it is not offered, please continue to the Dental and Vision Insurance section of the survey.
36. Please indicate which of the following treatments are covered by at least one of the health
insurance plans offered to library staff. Check all that apply. N=52
Inpatient mental health 49 94%
Outpatient mental health 49 94%
Substance abuse rehabilitation 45 87%
Contraception 45 87%
Substance abuse detoxification 44 85%
Hospice care 43 83%
Infertility 33 64%
Acupuncture 24 46%
None of the above 1 2%
37. Please indicate whether any of the health insurance plans offered to library staff covers the
following type of care, if coverage is offered through a separate supplemental plan, or if coverage
is not available. Check all that apply. N=52
Covered by
Health Plan
Covered by Separate
Supplemental Plan
Coverage Not
Hospitalization 49 6 1
Cancer 49 7
Intensive Care Unit 48 2 1
Long-term Care 12 34 7
Prescriptions 50 5
Number of responses 50 37 7
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