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New Employee Orientation is scheduled for most Mondays which includes a session covering health (including dental,
vision, prescription), life, disability, FSA, long-term care, vacation/sick leave, and retirement options.
New Employee Orientation session within 10 days of employment. E-mail, training sessions, one-on-one sessions.
New Employee Orientation Sessions Semi-Annual Pre-retirement Information Sessions. Open Enrollment Information
Sessions annually.
New Employee Orientation, Annual Benefits Open Enrollment sessions, Benefits Committees.
New employee orientation, C&T packet, handouts, Web site(s), counselors available.
New employee orientation, usually within two weeks of start date. Information to current employees is disseminated via
e-mails and an online and print newsletter.
New employee orientation, Web site, mailings.
New employees are offered orientation sessions within the first 30 days of employment that include information
regarding retirement benefits. Information is also available online. Information is disseminated to current employees via
Web site and electronic memos sent to staff.
New employees attend a Benefits Orientation conducted by the university’s Human Resources Office within the first 30
days of employee. They receive information on retirement and insurance, and complete registration forms.
New employees attend new hire orientation and learn about benefits. Web site provides access to extensive benefits
information and estimating tools. Workshops conducted to help employees save for retirement.
New employees receive a standard orientation which includes an orientation to retirement and insurance benefits. A
representative from the state system meets with employees as part of the orientation. Alternative retirement vendors
are provided contact information for new employees and meet with them individually.
New employees: half-day benefits information session that is part of the campus’ new employee orientation. Current
employees: e-mail, in-library presentations, updated Web sites.
New orientation sessions offered once a month, annual open enrollment fairs, e-mails, additional informational/training
sessions offered throughout the year, and one-on-one meetings with individuals.
Offers early and late retirement seminars. Orientation Meeting.
Once Human Resources is informed of a new hire, an orientation package is mailed to them with all the benefit and
pension information along with the necessary forms that require completion to have the coverage begin. Documents are
available on the Human Resources Web site regarding pension and retirement. Seminars are also run through out the
One-day, new hire orientation conducted by university central HR department.
One-on-one on-boarding. On-site retirement plan counseling with vendor representatives. Annual online open
enrollment Web site and university online newsletter. Annual benefits and wellness fair. Posters and postcards.
Online new employee orientation program. Benefits overview sessions held twice a month. Retirement Manager online
tool. Consultants from companies providing Defined Contribution Plans. University Financial Management &Education
Center Consultants (human resources benefits specialists and managers). Benefits counselors. Benefits e-mail. Human
Resources Employee Benefits Web pages.
Online orientation program.
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