60 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
some benefit in Aetna Plans with co-pay/coinsurance. M&P Vision EyeMed Vision Care (voluntary) members pay
100% of premium.
The employer contributes $100 to each benefits eligible member per calendar year.
The employer pays 100% of the coverage for singe vision but the employee pays a premium if they require family vision.
Vision coverage is provided through the health care plans.
Vision is included in medical insurance.
Vision is sometimes included in health plan.
If short- or long-term disability insurance is offered to library staff, please answer the following
If neither is offered, please click the Next button below to continue to the Tax Advantaged
Accounts section of the survey.
42. Please provide the following information about the short-term disability plan. If more than one
plan is offered, please answer for the plan with the most generous coverage. N=33
Duration of coverage in weeks N=29
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
4 52 28.31 24 15.14
Weeks Responses
4 1
12 3
13 3
20 1
22 2
24 5
25 1
26 5
39 1
52 7
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