SPEC Kit 320: Core Benefits · 55
an increased number of in-person consultations—up to six (6) visits per issue for each family member at no cost.
Counseling &Support Services also provides a wide range of additional family support benefits, including: Financial
services Personal consultation services Stress management Dependent care referrals for child and elder care Adoption
resources and services Work/Life services.
Extended health Employee and family assistance program.
Group Long-term Care Insurance: Long-term care insurance can help provide protection against the high costs of long-
term care that can result from the effects of aging, illness, or a serious accident.
Long-term Care Insurance.
Optional life insurance: maximum for employee =$600,000 maximum for spouse/domestic partner =$400,000
maximum for dependents =$5,000 each.
35. If both spouses and domestic partners are eligible for coverage, is the employee’s expense for
premiums the same for each? N=40
Yes No NA
Health insurance 32 4 1
Dental insurance 33 3 3
Vision insurance 26 1
Short-term disability insurance 2
Long-term disability insurance 2
Other insurance benefit 7
Number of responses 35 4 3
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