SPEC Kit 320: Core Benefits · 79
60. Are library staff offered any other type of health plan? N=52
Yes 15 29%
No 37 71%
If you answered Yes, please answer the following questions.
If you answered No, please continue to the Benefits Orientation and Administration section of the
61. Please briefly describe the plan. N=15
100% coverage except for doctor and hospital admissions co-pays.
CDHP (Consumer Driven Health Plan) with an HSA. University contributes $1,000 into the account for single coverage
and $2,000 for family. Employee may contribute additional pre-tax dollars.
Choice fund with health savings plan with $1,300.00 individual deductible or $2,600.00 family deductible.
Comprehensive Major Medical Plan.
Counseling &Support Services is now provided by Magellan Health Services. The new program, formerly the Employee
Assistance Program (EAP), offers you and your family unlimited phone support and an increased number of in-person
consultations—up to six (6) visits per issue for each family member at no cost. Counseling &Support Services also
provides a wide range of additional family support benefits, including: Financial services Personal consultation services
Stress management Dependent care referrals for child and elder care Adoption resources and services Work/Life
EPO: requires individuals to go to specific listed providers to receive any benefit coverage.
Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO): An EPO is similar to a traditional HMO and provides the lowest-cost benefit
because it uses contracted network physicians, hospitals, ancillary healthcare providers and facilities. You have access to
any physician (including specialists) within your network without notifying the Plan Administrator.
Fee-for-service ($3,000 annual deductible).
Health Savings Account (HSA) Option: members pay lower monthly premiums preventative services are free members
may have lower out of pocket costs members will often pay “co-insurance” rather than “co-pays.”
High deductible HMO and PPO. These are coupled with an employer contributed HSA.
High deductible indemnity plan.
Maternity leave, parental leave Employment Insurance maternity leave payments, unemployment benefits plan for the
duration of the maternity leave, etc.
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