SPEC Kit 320: Core Benefits · 21
The SPEC survey on Core Benefits was designed by Brian W. Keith, Assistant Dean, Human and Financial
Resources, University of Florida. These results are based on data submitted by 56 of the 124 ARL member
libraries (45%) by the deadline of April 23, 2010. The survey’s introductory text and questions are reproduced
below, followed by the response data and selected comments from the respondents.
In 2009, ARL surveyed the member libraries on sick, vacation, and holiday leave, and financial support and leave for professional
development, employee education and training, and internships—benefits over which library administrators would typically have
some plan design authority. The focus of this companion survey is on the core benefits of retirement, and life, health, and other
insurance—benefits that are typically decided by the parent institution and often have significant governmental regulation. Results
of this survey should help identify the range of retirement and insurance benefits offered and enhance the complete picture of
benefits for library staff.
This survey is intended for the library human resource officers or other administrative employees (library or institutional) responsible
for managing the various benefits available to library staff employed by their institution. It is likely that an accurate and complete
response to this survey will require the respondent to reference benefit descriptions, plan documents, and other related materials or
in some cases to consult with benefits experts at the parent institution.
1. Are library staff offered any of the following types of benefits? N=56
Yes No
Retirement 56
Life and/or accidental death &dismemberment insurance 55 1
Health insurance 56
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