SPEC Kit 320: Core Benefits · 77
Medicare fee-for-service program: A Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) plan offered through an insurance company to provide fee-
based Medicare Part A and Part B benefits.
56. Are library staff offered a Medicare fee-for-service program? N=52
Yes 4 8%
No 48 92%
If you answered Yes, please answer the following questions.
If you answered No, please continue to the University/Institutional Health Plan section of the
57. Please provide the following information about the Medicare fee-for-service program. If more
than one plan is offered, please enter the percentage for the plan with the highest employer
contribution. If an item is not applicable, please enter 0. N=3
Percentage of premium the employer pays for single coverage N=3
0, 0, 100%
Maximum out of pocket for single coverage N=2
$145.90, $1,250
Percentage of premium the employer pays for family coverage N=2
0, 0
Maximum out of pocket for family coverage N=2
$420.50, $2,500
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