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Vision N=41
Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev
0 100 43.85 0 48.32
Percentage Responses
0 22
60 1
80 2
88 1
90 1
100 14
41. Additional comments about dental and vision insurance. N=17
Additional dental and vision coverage beyond the basic coverage is provided at reduced rates as part of the group plan.
Again, employees pay approximately 20% of the cost, but the cost and plans vary by job classification and bargaining
Both are union benefits.
Dental 100% of premium for single coverage only.
Dental is incorporated into the medical premiums for the various health plans available to employees.
Vision: The vision care plan provides coverage for prescription lenses and frames, contact lenses (in lieu of eyeglasses),
and a complete annual eye exam for a low monthly premium. Under the plan, employee can visit an optometrist or
ophthalmologist within the United Healthcare Vision network or may choose to visit an out-of-network provider, which
may result in higher out-of-pocket costs.
Employee must work for 6 months before coverage is active.
Employer pays 100% for employee (single) dental 0% for family dental.
Employer pays a specific dollar amount equivalent to 60% of the final premium rates established by the Employer Union
Trust Fund Board for the respective health benefit plans.
For dental, reimbursement levels for employees, spouses, and dependents depend on the plan in which you are enrolled.
Eligible expenses are based on the current year Sun Life Dental Fee Guide for Alberta and is adjusted yearly for cost of
living. Basic dental expenses are reimbursed at 100% by the employer. Vision care expenses are up to a maximum of
$350 per Insured employee, spouse or dependent.
If the employee uses a participating plan dentist or vision care provider, the employee does not pay for service. These
services are provided through a trust fund that is negotiated through the bargaining unit.
No premiums for employees, but costs for dependents, family, etc. Different vision vendors/options—Yale Health Plan
vs. EyeMed. For both C&T and M&P staff, Yale Health Plan covers routine (annual) eye exams on site at 100%. Also
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