54 · Survey Results: Survey Questions And Responses
If you answered “Other insurance benefit,” please briefly describe the benefit. N=26
Employee N=9
Auto &Homeowners Insurance Long-term Care Pet Insurance.
Cancer coverage. Accident coverage.
Long-term care insurance.
Long-term care insurance -group policy -is an out of pocket expense to employee. Coverage for medications is offered
to all who receive health insurance.
Long-term care insurance plan.
Long-term care insurance.
Sick leave, Government run health care plan, supplementary coverage provided by employer.
Tuition benefit: 100% tuition waived for employees taking university degree credit courses 50% reduction (pro-rated
for part-time) tuition reduction for dependent children of employees taking university degree credit courses.
Employee and Spouse N=3
Long-term Care.
Long-term care and legal insurance.
Long-term Care Coverage.
Employee, Spouse, and Dependents N=4
Cancer and Critical Illness benefits.
Cancer Insurance Accident Insurance Supplemental health/Hospital insurance.
Cancer Insurance. Accident Insurance. Critical Illness Insurance.
Long-term care insurance available.
Employee, Spouse, Dependents, and Same Sex Domestic Partner N=2
Legal insurance.
Legal insurance, which provides a wide range of legal services.
Employee, Spouse, Dependents, Same Sex Domestic Partner, and Opposite Sex Domestic Partner
EAP/Wellness benefit: “Counseling &Support Services” is now provided by Magellan Health Services. The new
program, formerly the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offers you and your family unlimited phone support and
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