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44. Additional comments about disability insurance. N=30
75% of first $1,000 monthly salary, 60% of monthly salary above that figure.
After the first $15,000, percentage varies with salary.
Also offer an enhanced plan which is 66 2/3% of base salary with a 50% employer contribution to a maximum of
$8,333 per month benefit.
Core LTD coverage has 3 maximums, based on job category. If disabled, benefits continuation is included with the
income benefit. The employee pays for 50% of the cost. Employees may increase the income benefit by purchasing
supplemental LTD. Supplemental coverage increases the income replacement to a total of 66 2/3% of salary, subject to
a maximum benefit. Employees pay the full cost of supplemental coverage.
Duration of benefits is on a sliding scale from 60 months at age 60 to 12 months at age 69 and beyond, or to the
individual’s normal social security retirement age, whichever is later.
Elimination period is 30 days or exhaustion of sick leave, whichever is later. LTD includes 15% annuity payment.
Employee has 15 weeks paid sick leave at 100% pay. The LTD elimination period is 90 calendar days. The percentage of
employee’s income that is replaced can vary depending on their rate of pay but the general guideline is approximately
Extended Sick Time pays maximum of 6 months of employee’s full (100%) salary, and 6 months (50%) of employee’s
salary. Eligibility is granted after two years of continuous service. Expanded Long-Term Disability is salary replacement,
plus payment of medical, dental, group life insurance, and retirement savings plan contributions.
It is offered to librarians and professionals only, not to classified staff.
LTD benefits are payable for the first 24 months after the waiting period. After 24 months, LTD benefits will continue
only if your disability prevents you from being gainfully employed in any job. The benefits are payable until the earliest of
recovery or return to work, death, or your 65th birthday.
Maternity/childbirth question: depends on which plan is selected. Maximum benefit for long-term disability is $10,000
per month until the employee reaches age 65.
Maximum benefit depends on age. Percentage of employee’s benefit depends on option employee selects.
Maximum benefit is to age 65 or 5 years, whichever is greater.
Pays 66.66% of the first $15,000 of your Pre-disability Earnings, reduced by Deductible Income. Minimum monthly
benefits $100 or 10% of your LTD Benefit before reduction by Deductible Income, whichever is greater. Maximum
$10,000 before reduction by Deductible Income.
Effective July 1, 2010, M&P staff will be eligible for a new comprehensive Short-term Disability (STD) plan that will be
fully integrated with the Sick Pay program. The Short-term Disability (STD) plan, in conjunction with Sick Pay, will provide
M&P staff salary protection for up to 26 weeks for extended absence due to a non-work related illness or disability.
In addition to using your new sick days, you will still be able to use any Sick Pay that you have accrued prior to July 1,
2010. If you become ill or disabled, you will first use your Sick Pay bank which will continue to provide 100% income
replacement. If you exhaust your sick time and have been absent from work for at least one week, you will become
eligible for STD, which will cover 100% of your salary for weeks 2 6 and 60% of your salary for weeks 7 26 of your
illness or disability. After 26 weeks you may become eligible for Long-term Disability (LTD). C&T Long-term Disability:
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