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sent information on an individual basis if there is a change in benefit eligibility.
All new employees receive a welcome packet before their first day on the job and then receive an invitation to a
benefits orientation at our central Human Resources Office where they review benefits. Information regarding insurance
benefits are contained in the employee’s welcome packet that they receive before their first day on the job. They fill out
paperwork and receive additional information at the benefits orientation session.
All new hires must attend university orientation sessions. All information is available on the University Benefits Web
pages for new and current employees. There are informational sessions held by the university several times a year for
people nearing retirement age.
All new staff members of both the university and medical center are expected to go to You Make a Difference
Orientation as soon as possible after they begin their work at the university, preferably the first day. Benefits Orientation
is additionally required for full-time, benefits-eligible staff. Human Resources conducts both orientation sessions.
Benefits Orientation is required for full-time, benefits-eligible staff. Human Resources conducts this orientation session.
An initial benefits orientation for all new benefits-eligible employees which reviews the highlights of both retirement
plan options. When managers/faculty have completed a six-month waiting period and are eligible to make a decision
between the two plans, an additional workshop is offered, explaining the differences between the plans.
Benefit and pension package provided to all new employees eligible for plan. Review of material and application forms
conducted by campus human resources staff.
Either in-person or group orientation sessions for new employees. Library Personnel Officer answers questions on a daily
basis. Information can be obtained from Web site.
Employees attend benefits seminars and are provided opportunity to select coverages and programs.
Every new employee spends the first day of work at orientation where payroll, parking, and benefits are covered. In
addition, representatives from TIAA-CREF and Fidelity are on campus regularly for meetings with individual employees
who request it. Annual information sessions during the open enrollment period.
For new employees, this is done at the new hire orientation that the campus offers. For current staff members, typically
there is an annual benefits fair and an annual mailing with the current benefits and changes. Also, staff may contact the
main campus HR office to find out.
Library staff attend a new employee orientation with a Benefits Consultant.
Mailings are made to all eligible faculty and staff with information to enroll. Individual counselors from retirement
vendors on campus to assist new and current enrollees. Mailings and online announcements on insurance benefits and
annual enrollment.
Mandatory New Employee Orientation (full day) includes 2 hours of benefits information. Representatives from the two
providers for the retirement plan are available for one-on-one consultations, on-site.
Mandatory new employee orientation and retirement plan workshop. Also mail materials and have information online.
Mandatory new employee orientation and benefits enrollment workshop. Also have information online and in printed
form (given out by department).
New Employee benefits packets are provided to all new employees. At least 2 orientation sessions are offered per
month. (Online orientation is in the works.)
New employee orientation and HR Web site.
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