SPEC Kit 320: Core Benefits · 45
28. Please indicate in the table below whether life and/or accidental death &dismemberment (ADD)
insurance benefits are offered to library staff and whether either benefit is offered to their
spouses, domestic partners, or dependents. Check all that apply. N=55
Employee Spouse Opposite sex
domestic partner
Same sex
domestic partner
Dependents Not
Basic Life Insurance 54 30 15 19 29 1
ADD Insurance 47 29 12 17 27 8
Number of responses 54 37 17 24 36 8
29. If both spouses and domestic partners are eligible for coverage, is the employee’s expense for
premiums the same for each? N=25
Yes No NA
Basic Life Insurance 17 2 6
ADD Insurance 16 2 6
Number of responses 22 3 12
If basic life insurance is offered to library staff, please answer the following question.
If it is not offered, please continue to the ADD Insurance section of the survey.
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