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1bii 0 e-books withdrawn.
2 318,393 e-books purchased.
4 The serials figures for all University of Virginia libraries are reported in the University Library (Main) survey only (see 2007–2008
ARL Statistics).
4b This is a large increase (49%) over what was reported in 2006–2007. Unpaid electronic serials holdings were significantly
undercounted in 2006–2007 and previous years.
17 The University of Virginia is excluding fringe benefits from salary expenditures beginning with 2007–2008.
17c For the University of Virginia Library, the “student assistant” category includes part-time temporary and wage workers.
36–42 Reported for all University of Virginia libraries on the University Library (main) survey.
Includes main campus library, UW-Bothwell library and the UW-Tacoma library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 7,304,356.
4 The number of current serials titles received is 61,979 and is composed of: (4a) Serials titles currently purchased: 33,582; subdivided
to (4ai) electronic: 22,297 and (4aii) print: 11,285 (4b) 24,383 Serials titles currently received but not purchased: (4bi) Consortial: 0;
(4bii) Freely Accessible: 12,812; (4biii) Print (and other format): 3,766 and (4biv): Government Documents: 7,805. Both (4a) and (4b) and
their subtotals were changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate the 4,014 serials reported in the Washington
Law library survey.
Includes WSU-Vancouver, WSU-Tri-Cities, WSU Energy Library, WSU Spokane, and WSU Intercollegiate College of Nursing (ICN).
During the year (2007–2008) a merger was in progress between WSU-Spokane and ICN.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,294,937.
1b Includes 10,678 e-books.
4 The change from the figure reported for 2006–2007 is largely due to improvements in procedures for title identification and
deduplication. The 2006–2007 figure is under review.
15a Includes some media expenditures reported in past years (prior to 2007–2008) under (15c).
15c Some media expenditures reported here in past years (prior to 2007–2008) are now included in (15a).
15d Copyright fees; $4,295; computing services: $12; collections software: $24,288; document delivery: $6,000; consortia dues and related
expenditures: $68,099; other/purpose not reported: $107,857.
26a Includes 2.5 FTE temporary positions.
33 Total circulations for 2006–2007 were misreported as 253,118. The correct total was 320,418.
34 Figure for 2006–2007 was misreported. The correct figure is 53,739.
35 Figure for 2006–2007 was misreported. The correct figure is 24,374.
1bi Includes 4,350 electronic books added in main library this year (2007–2008).
4ai This number is significantly higher than previous years (prior to 2007–2008) because we used the count of electronic serials
provided by Serials Solutions. We are unable to dedupe for the names or correlate them with III.
19 Fringe benefits are included in other expenditures.
All figures are as of 04/30/2008.
Library branches included: Includes the Musagetes Architecture Library, Optometry Learning Resource Centre, and the
TriUniversity Storage Annex (University of Waterloo materials only).
1a, 1bi Volumes held 30, June 2007 revised to 2,259,482.
4ai Change from using in-house ERM system to SFX knowledgebase.
4aii Figure changed due to counting titles rather than counting orders (subscriptions).
4bi Included in (4ai).
4biii Included in (4aii).
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