126 · ARL Statistics 2007–2008
31 This figure represents onsite transactions only, and it is based on sampling.
32 These are internal circulations only. NLM does not circulate materials outside of the Library-- only on ILL.
Library branches included: Geology, Music, C. Y. Thompson, Architecture, Engineering and Mathematics libraries.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 3,167,709.
1b Due to budget cuts our materials budget has been slashed; therefore, the result would be fewer materials were acquired or
1bi Budget cuts account for less monies available to purchase of materials, especially monographs.
1bii Because of physical space needs within the libraries there has been more emphasis on weeding. In addition, more emphasis has
been placed on database maintenance and one result is that more volumes being withdrawn than in the past.
2 Due to budget cuts, the monographs have been severely slashed to make up for the serials costs which are clearly out of pace with
our materials budget.
4 Because our materials budget has been slashed we fully expect these figures will continue to decrease.
4aii Despite the budget cuts, we continue to purchase more serials as needed.
4b Decrease is due to the cancellation of print from one publisher that provides a large number of content.
4biii In 2007–2008 we have embarked on a large project to claim/inactivate titles; this project may account for the decrease in titles
13 Faculty seemed more inclined to use film and video more in the classroom; as a result the library is purchasing more and more of
these items to support the curriculum. This appears to be a trend.
15a Monograph purchases have reduced significantly due to a change in our approval plan and due to the stress that serials place on the
remaining materials budget. Increasingly, more money is devoted to serials while monograph purchases decrease.
15c–15d This large reduction is the result of monies being heavily devoted to serials. The cost and inflation rate of serials are not in step with
our budget.
16 Less funds have been devoted to contract binding because we are purchasing less print serials. This appears to be a trend.
21 The libraries has been canceling print subscriptions in lieu of electronic serials; monies were used from other sources to increase
support in this area.
22 One major reason for this decrease is the struggle to keep pace with inflation. As a result, ongoing electronic resource purchases
will most likely decrease.
23b This significant drop can be attributed to the way in which the data were collected in 2006–2007. The person who supplied the data
in previous years, included everything purchased through the Nebraska Library Commission (even if UNL Libraries used its own
funds) and therefore the amount for 2006–2007 was about $455,670. For 2007–2008, only items that were paid for by the Nebraska
Library Commission were included, so now we have a lower figure. If the databases we paid for had been included in 2007–2008,
then the figure would have been closer to the amount listed in 2006–2007.
24 2006–2007 statistics represent a year that was uncharacteristically low. 2007–2008 is actually a more consistent number for these
27 The services points have not increased at UNL; however, the way we count them has changed. We now count the Scholarly
Communications, Student Union, Geology Reference, and Math Reference desks as service points.
29 The increase in instruction is due to demand; more faculty are requesting instruction.
30 The increase is due to class size; more instruction was offered to larger classes.
31 This appears to be a trend; the reference transactions are decreasing annually. We can speculate that our users increasingly rely on
online search engines (Google) for some information that was formerly acquired from the reference desk.
35 This increase is the reduction of acquisitions; we are not buying as much so we have to get the items from other libraries. Secondly,
our marketing has improved. We have been promoting our interlibrary loan services more widely. The fact that full-time
instructional faculty has increased may also explain this increase.
The following university libraries are included: Zimmerman, Centennial, Parish, and Fine Arts/Design, Tireman Education,
Bainbridge Visual Resources, and the Native American Studies libraries.
Library branches not included: Gallup Campus Branch Library, Los Alamos Campus Branch Library, Taos Campus Branch Library,
Valencia Campus Branch Library.
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