118 · ARL Statistics 2007–2008
24 Very little equipment was purchased in 2007–2008.
26a This includes three staff members hired for special projects and grants.
26b Includes 87 support staff and 20 contract employees.
31 3,804 of this figure is from our e-mail/chat reference service.
Includes Woodstock Theological Center Library, Blommer Science Library, National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature, and
SFS-Qatar Library.
4b The number of serials titles currently received, but not purchased is (4b) 9,045 and is composed of (4bi) Consortial: UA/NA; (4bii)
Freely Accessible: 7,503; (4biii) Print (and other format): 534 and (4biv): Government Documents: UA/NA. All subtotals of (4b) were
changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate the 1,008 serials reported in (4b) of the Georgetown Medical
library survey.
All figures are as of 07/31/2008.
Library branches included: the Law Library.
1 E-books held 167,810 (PAHO: 12; OECD: 2902; EEBO, EVANS, SABIN: 164,896; GALE: 10).
2 E-books purchased 195 (OECD: 185; GALE: 10).
15d Memberships $95,366; bibliographic utilities $114,585; shipping & handling $45,910; EndNote- RefWorks $39,605; Media/
Maintenance $56,815.
Includes the Architecture Library.
17a This number is significantly lower than in years prior to 2007–2008 as it reflects an attempt to more closely align it with the total staff
count as reported in Question (26). Due to the campus accounting system, the number previously reported included some support
17b This number is significantly higher than in years prior to 2007–2008 due to the change reported in footnote for (17a).
All figures are as of 04/30/2008.
Library branches included: McLaughlin Library (Main), and the Ontario Veterinary College Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 1,846,798. Includes 267,830 e-books from a broad range of publishers. These were not reported
on 2006–2007’s survey since some major sets were still being catalogued.
1bi–1bii Figures are for print-only volumes.
15–25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,432,923; (15b) $3,622,684; (15c) $139,874; (15d) $546,340; (15) $5,741,821; (16)
$34,659; (17a) $3,168,133; (17b) $3,116,677; (17c) $335,219; (17) $6,620,029; (19) $1,168,787; (20) $13,565,296; (21) $326,700; (22) $3,374,454;
(23a) $189,454; (23b) $272,901; (24) $404,160; (25) $82,568.
19 Does not include travel expenses.
23a Includes payments to Canadian Research Knowledge Network ($20,000) and Ontario Council of University Libraries ($169,454).
23b Represents monies received from Federal and Provincial governments to fund Canadian Research Knowledge Network purchases.
26a Increase in professional staff with expansion of Learning Commons programming.
32 Previously reported 2006-2007 values were inaccurate; 179,824 is the correct figure.
33 Previously reported 2006-2007 values were inaccurate; the correct figure is 450,645.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 15,945,710.
15c Increase the result of both digitization projects and acquisition of special collections.
21 Increase the result of both digitization projects, for some research resources and acquisition of special collections.
Library branches included: University of Hawaii at Manoa Library (main) housed in two buildings: Hamilton Library, Sinclair
Library. Also includes the Health Sciences Library, and William S. Richardson School of Law Library.
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