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1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,735,459. An adjustment was made to the Volumes Held 6/30/07 figure to include e-books
that have been added to the collection (including: Early American Imprints, Series I and II; EEBO, EEBO-TCP, Safari Tech Books
Online and Reference resources).
9 This number includes the University Archives, which now reports to the Kelvin Smith Library (Main Library).
15d This expenditure includes: memberships for ARL, SPARC, CNI, CLIR, OhioLINK and ICPSR. Also included is ARL Conference on
Diversity, ARL LibQUAL+® Survey and theses charges from ProQuest.
17a The increase in Professional salaries from 2006–2007 to 2007–2008 was mainly due to the addition of a few higher paying jobs, along
with internal promotions (from support staff to professional staff).
26b Total FTE was 18.5 but question requires an integer. In order to have a total of 61 FTE this figure was rounded down.
26c Total FTE was 12.5, but question requires an integer. In order to have a total of 61 FTE, this figure was rounded up.
1 Includes 851,880 electronic monographs.
1a Volumes held 30 June 2007 revised to 8,351,863. Increase due in part to addition of MARC records for monographic titles available in
databases and addition of MARC records for USGPO electronic monographs.
2 Includes 36,414 electronic monographs purchased in 2007–2008; does not include monographs for which we previously had access
and had counted as added, but added MARC records for in 2007–2008.
4 This increase (over 2006–2007) can be attributed to a growth in available free e-journals. This is due to an expansion in the number
of available and cataloged free e-journals and the addition of MARC records for USGPO online documents.
4b This increase can be attributed to the addition of MARC records for government documents (almost 11,000) and an addition to the
number of freely accessible journals added to our catalogs (about 5,000).
8–13 Excludes unprocessed and partially processed items.
23a Includes standard ongoing operating costs only.
23b This is an estimated figure.
32 Effective 2007–2008, circulation figures exclude departmental charges that had previously been included. Had we not made this
adjustment, the circulation figure would have been 458,057.
35 Includes 486 requests filled by the Center for Research Libraries.
38 In previous years we understood the request to cover only those full-time instructional/research staff with faculty status. In 2007–
2008 we determined that we should count all full-time instructional/research staff without regard to faculty status. An additional
410 personnel were added as a consequence of our more inclusive definition.
All University of Cincinnati Libraries located on its central campus are included.
Two branch libraries on two-year college campuses, Raymond Walters College and Clermont College, are not included in the ARL
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 3,547,887. Adjustments: net adjustment is an adjustment of 129,067 volumes. 2,705 net Gov
Docs adjustment-- 3,357 Government documents volumes cataloged retroactively; 652 volumes subtracted for Government
documents cleanup. 166,278 volumes added for batch loads of e-resources (1 time, of 5,000 or more): ECCO, NBER, Chadwyck-
Healey LION. 39,916 volumes withdrawn in a lost, missing cleanup of stacks.
3 Figure is historically based upon a bibliographic count. Additions and deletions based on physical count.
4 Notes on the serial counts; the serial count is by title, deduped, in a “cascading hierarchy”: (1) Paid (1st electronic, then other
format); A large majority of the substantial number of serial titles received via our consortium are paid via an index figure based
upon titles owned when the relationship with the publisher began (therefore we considered them all paid). (2) Not purchased (the
not purchased titles are not separated by electronic vs. print and other formats, but by source). (3) The Not-purchased titles in the
Freely-accessible and Government documents categories have very little overlap, because of the strategy used to construct that the
serial list, and then were deduped; however, numbers here are only the titles which have not already been included in the Paid
category. (4) The Freely-accessible titles include the titles marked as “free” from Serials Solutions, so long as those same titles had
not already been recorded in the paid Serials Solutions titles. (5) Some Government document titles are also included in Paid Serials
Solutions aggregates, and not-purchased Government document titles could also be included in the free Serials Solutions titles.
7 Government documents not counted elsewhere are smaller because of retrospective cataloging of documents.
17 Part of difference in salaries total caused by $88,000 retirement payment made in 2006–2007 but not during 2007–2008.
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