134 · ARL Statistics 2007–2008
17 There was significant turnover of staff in 2006–2007, and several “high cost” positions were filled at a lower salary. However, SI
libraries were also able to fill several professional positions that had been vacant for several years, resulting in a large increase
in salary figures for professionals. These are actual “on board” costs, and do not include any “lapsed salaries” due to vacancies.
Lapsed salaries were reprogrammed for expenditures in other areas.
19 Includes staff travel, training, cataloging, digitizing, collection-care supplies and services, general, preservation and automation
supplies, equipment purchases, memberships, equipment maintenance, and miscellaneous contracts. It does not include health and
transit benefits, building maintenance, public programs, exhibitions and development expenditures.
21 Through an internal grant from a large endowment, SI was able to purchase 90 back years (1900–1989) of Science Citation Index.
23a Includes only OCLC bibliographic utility costs.
24 Total includes OCLC license and fees for Illiad (ILL) software. This was a new cost for 2007–2008.
26c Student assistants (Scholtz then O’Hara) equal 0.30 FTE which is rounded to zero.
28 In years prior to 2007–2008 the number of weekly public service hours was calculated based on 31 service points open for 8 hours
per day equaling 248 hours. Per this year’s (2007–2008) instructions, 31 of our service points are open 8 hours per day (9am 5 pm)
resulting in access during a 40 hour week. The 32nd service point is open 3 days per week for 8 hours, which should not change the
35 Borrows are steadily increasing as our funding levels decrease.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 3,581,962.
4a–4b The Main Library did not report numbers for questions (4a-4b) in 2006–2007, so the total number was artificially low in 2006–2007.
Library branches included: USC Libraries, Norris Medical Library, Jennifer Ann Wilson Dental Library & Learning Center, and the
Asa V. Call Law Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 4,569,723.
3 Asa V. Call Law Library count is bibliographic.
15 2006–2007 corrected figures sent to ARL on 01/27/09 (published/originally reported figures for main campus only, excluding Law
& Medicine): (15) $9,994,720; (15a): $2,087,891; (15b): $4,417,035; (15c): $3,474,921; (15d): $14,873; (21): $708,552; (22): $2,227,031. Method:
(15a) derived completely from ASRs, both regular & special funds; (15b) derived as 8% less than 1(5b) for 2007–2008 as otherwise
figure is too high to be realistic using method for 2007–2008; differential added to (15c); (15c) derived Lana spreadsheet total and
other expenses derived from ASRs; (15d) derived completely from ASRs, both regular & special funds; (21) & (22) derived Lana
spreadsheet totals.
38 Includes 1,483 full-time medical faculty.
2 Includes e-books: Springer Book series archive (4,516 volumes) and Contemporary Literary Criticism (252 volumes).
4b The increase reflects improved tracking of free e-journals by Ex Libris SFX (our e-journal management system).
All university libraries are included.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,150,165.
1bi Count includes 49,298 e-books. This large increase over the 6,313 reported in 2006–2007 is due to improved means of counting
2 Includes 1,136 e-books.
12–13 These figures were recounted.
16 Excludes theses and dissertations.
19 The figures reported here are much lower than what was reported during the last survey period (2006–2007). These numbers reflect
our best efforts to capture other operating expenditures, but are not comprehensive due to internal accounting difficulties.
25 Includes bibliographic utility fees.
33 Circulation in 2006–2007 was published as 90,160 but has been revised to 142,963.
23b, 25 This information is unavailable.
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