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DUKE, cont.
29–30 Decrease due to decreased participation in this area in 2007–2008.
35 Increase due to the creation of a shared consortia catalog available here,, resulting in increased borrowing
between Triangle Research Libraries Network institutions.
36 Increase due to normal fluctuation in this area.
Includes the Health Sciences Center, Hugh MacMillan (Law), Oxford College, and Pitts Theology libraries, as well as libraries at
Grady Hospital and the Medical School.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 3,296,754.
4ai This was reported incorrectly for Main Library in 2006–2007. Should have reported 15,288.
15b In 2007–2008, this was paid by actual invoice rather than prepaying estimated invoice, and fund accounting practices also changed.
34 This was reported incorrectly for Theology Library in 2005–2006. Reported number was 19,850, but should have been 898.
38 Faculty counts have varied because of Health Science Library practices associated with counts of clinical faculty, and whether
separate Medical School faculty numbers have been accounted for in years prior to 2007–2008.
39–40 Numbers for 2005–2006 and 2006–2007 were over-reported. Main number now adjusted with totals for Health Sciences, Law,
Oxford, and Theology to equal Registrar’s Fall 2007 totals.
41 Numbers for 2005–2006 and 2006–2007 were over-reported. Because Health Sciences provides student count separately, requires
main to subtract that number from Registrar’s report to provide correct totals.
Includes all Gainesville, Florida campus libraries: Marston (Science), Architecture/Fine Arts, Journalism, Music, Education, Law,
and Health Science Center. Also includes the Health Science library facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 4,230,703.
Library branches included: Goldstein College of Information Library; Allen Music Library; Pepper Center Library; Panama City,
Panama; Panama City, Florida Library; Ringling Museum of Art Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,803,491. The number for 2007–2008 (1a) is different than the number for the 2006–2007
question (1) due to a mathematical error in the 2006–2007 report. The correct number for (1) in 2006–2007 is 2,989,700.
15c Increase in this category is due to the inclusion of previously excluded categories: Database access and e-books.
23b 2006–2007’s number was based on an incorrect formula. The figure for 2006-2007 should have been 463,059.
29 This number is almost double 2006–2007’s figure. This is due to the large increase in instruction sessions at the Main Library.
Additionally, this is due to a much better relationship with partners and establishing new relationships with partners; especially
the First Year Experience (FYE) for incoming students.
31 The drop in reference transactions is due to an error made in the 2006–2007 survey. That number included directional transactions
which should not be included in that category. The correction was made in this survey.
36 The 2006–2007 figure is incorrect. It should be 631. That puts the increase within the normal range.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 1,733,391. The figures were changed because of extensive collection weeding and re-
1b This figure reflects extensive collection weeding and re-evaluation.
1bi In 2006–2007, only “firm order” books were included in the shelf ready statistics. “Approval books” were added 2007–2008. There
was an increase in SPEC cataloging which was the result of several influxes of SPEC materials that required cataloging. The focus of
computer files was shifted to SPEC.
2 The 2006–2007 total monographs purchased should be 19,543. (Not 27,928 as reported previously).
4ai We gather this data from our SFX knowledge base. The increase in numbers purchased is due to a project that added foreign
language (primarily Asian) serials. We have subscribed to many of these for several years, but were never available via SFX.
4aii This is a smaller number than 2006–2007 because of a project in 2007–2008 that cleaned up older purchase orders that had not yet
been closed.
8 Decrease in purchase of individual computer files and cataloging requests.
15c These are one-time purchases of databases and backfiles. In 2006–2007 we added this expenditure to monographs (15a).
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