114 · ARL Statistics 2007–2008
All figures are as of 03/31/2008.
1 We have been using a piece count, but as of 2007–2008 we will use assumed volume count of 10 volumes per foot, which will cut the
collection to 1,688,187.
15–25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $524,029; (15b) $10,685,356; (15c) $304,704; (15d) $11,810; (15) $11,525,899; (16)
$0; (17a) $0; (17b) $0; (17c) $0; (17) $;23,053,000 (19) $11,853,101; (20) $46,432,000; (21) $304,704; (22) $1,980,558; (23a) $0; (23b) $0; (24)
$2,276,904; (25) $0.
Library branches included: Business, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Math/Physics, Music.
1 Includes 14,411 e-books.
2 Includes 101 e-books.
4aii This number is higher than 2006–2007, but we think this is more accurate.
10 Does not include virtual title access to 11,067 Rumsey maps acquired in 2007–2008.
11 Large increase due to the Archives Department obtaining two large collections (David Jarrett photo collection and Office of
Publications and Creative Services collection).
15c Includes gift funds.
15d Includes the following: electronic archiving $9,750; GPO shelflist service;$4,622; III services $108,137; interlibrary loan $29,848;
MARC record batches $38,125; memberships $274,189; BCR $153,560; OPAC enhancements $7,500; projects $105,276; storage (Boulder)
$14,645; RLIN $23; Prospecter $5,500; shelf-ready processing $42,330.
23a We are reporting zero here because these types of expenditures do not come out of our operating expenditures; they come out of
our materials budget under the miscellaneous category.
24 This figure is about $40,000 less than 2006–2007. In 2006–2007, we spent $20,000 more on servers and $30,000 to renew MS licenses.
27 We are moving toward a one-desk reference service point, so several of our staffed service points have been eliminated.
34 The number of filled requests through ArticleReach rose dramatically in 2007–2008.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 1,994,256. Library staff reevaluated the way e-books were being recorded.
2 Monographic volumes for 2006–2007 should have been 27,576.
4bi These are counted with the purchased titles.
7 Government Documents not appearing on the catalog are no longer counted.
8 Library has done a re-evaluation as to how computer files are recorded in the catalog.
9 Increase of donated materials-- both from the community and the campus.
Columbia data includes The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) and the Center for Digital
Research and Scholarship (CDRS).
1 Includes 679,755 e-books for Butler Library and 65,203 e-books reported by Teachers College Library.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 10,004,848.
2 Includes 349,797 e-books.
4 Teachers College information serials information reflects unique titles; all other titles received by Teachers College overlap with,
and are counted in, Butler Library.
15d Includes costs associated with maintenance of collection (e.g., shipping, supplies, relocation, memberships).
17c Additional graduate assistants and part-time positions were added to the library budget (Teachers College).
19 2006–2007 figure should have been $1,013,450 (Teachers College).
20 2006–2007 figure should have been $3,841,617 (Teachers College).
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