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11 Graphic materials housed in the Art Image Library consists of two components: the analog and digital collections. The analog
slide collection holds approximately 210,000-230,000 35mm slides available to faculty and students for research, teaching and
presentation purposes. The digital collection has over 31,000 digital images. However, due to copyright restrictions, these low
resolution images are only available to Art, Art History and Design faculty and are not included in the total.
Includes Athens (main), Chillicothe, Lancaster, Southern, Eastern, Zanesville libraries as well as the College of Osteopathic
Medicine Learning Resource Center.
1 Decreased after past volume count records were audited. See footnote (1a) for more detail.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,841,899. Decreased by 331,000 after audit of past volume count records. Increased by 259,367
to reflect e-books added as part of a large one-time purchase (LexisNexis U.S. Serials Set). Total change is a decrease of 71,633.
6, 8 Decreased after past item count records were audited.
9 Linear footage reassessed in 2007–2008.
10 Decreased after past item count records were audited.
11 Increase reflects transfer of slide library from College of Fine Arts to University Libraries, and acquisition of 2000 ceremonial
12-13 Decreased after past item count records were audited.
17a–17b Decrease due to eight positions moved from ‘professional staff’ category to ‘support staff’ category.
26 Overall reduction in numbers due to campus-wide budget cuts and to increase in minimum wage for student assistants.
26a Decrease reflects overall reduction of ten positions; an additional eight positions were moved from ‘professional staff’ category to
‘support staff’ category.
26b Increase reflects addition of eight positions moved from ‘professional staff’ category to ‘support staff’ category, reduction of one
support staff position.
26c Decrease in number of students employed due to increase of minimum wage.
34 Large decrease due to change in OhioLINK’s algorithm for distributing patron-initiated borrowing requests among member
38 Large increase reflects fulfillment of goal in university’s strategic plan.
Include the following branch libraries: Ackerman; Architecture; Biological Sciences/Pharmacy; Business; Cartoon Research;
Children’s Hospital; Health Sciences; Fine Arts; Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences; Law; Music/Dance; Science and
Engineering; Sullivant; Theatre Research Institute; University Archives; Veterinary Medicine.
Excludes: Agricultural Technical Institute; Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center; Regional Campus Libraries at
Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark.
1 Includes 311,182 e-books: ACLS Humanities (1,590); Early American Imprints (75,461); Ebrary-leased (7,224); English Short Title
Catalog (136,425); Health Sciences Library Collection (10,468); HeinOnline (382); Lyell Collection (294); Making of Modern Law
(21,809); NetLibrary (15,227): Oxford Reference (267): Safari (2,825): Single titles/locally digitized (4,456); Wright American Fiction
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 6,244,095.
2 Includes 326 purchased e-books, primarily published by Ebrary.
13 Audio, film, video data combined; cannot be separated.
15d Includes additional Ohionet bills not reflected during previous year (2006–2007).
29–30 Instructional activity did not decline. Data in 2006–2007 was over-reported.
38 Excludes research and clinical faculty.
41–42 Includes professional students.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 5,047,646.
1b Increased purchases of e-books.
1bi Increased de-selection projects.
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