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Footnotes may also include errata and corrections to data from prior years not previously reported. Numbers refer to
columns in Library Data Tables and to Questionnaire numbers. Unless otherwise stated all figures are as of 06/30/2008.
All figures are as of 09/30/2008.
Library branches included: main, law, and health sciences libraries.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 2,844,387. 5,643 added to historical count due to retrospective government document
cataloging; health sciences had a difference in 2006–2007 volumes held 9/30/07 (17,857) and 2007–2008 volumes held 9/30/07 (20,791)
due to adjustments to problem records in ILS.
2 5,821 e-books included in monographic volumes purchased.
4 Number increased significantly from 2006–2007 due to new ARL counting procedures and better local tracking in Serials Solutions
Knowledgebase. De-duplicated using best practices procedures distributed by ARL for Serials Solutions. De-duplicated using ISSNs
and other identification as described in best practices document. For the electronic titles, there were 30,598 without ISSNs.
4a The number of serials titles currently purchased (44,089) is composed of (4ai) electronic: 41,705 and (4aii) print: 2,384. Both (4ai)
and (4aii) were changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate other figures from the Alabama Law and Health
Sciences surveys.
4b The number of serials titles currently received but not purchased (19,034) is composed of (4bii) freely accessible: 17,518 and (4biii)
print: 1,516. Both (4bii) and (4biii) were changed to UA/NA so that the operating system could aggregate other figures from the
Alabama Law and Main library surveys.
4bi, 4bii Separate numbers of consortial and freely available not available.
15d Includes Center for Research Libraries (CRL) membership.
19 Includes bibliographic utilities, memberships (except CRL), and literature searching.
All figures are as of 03/31/2008.
Library branches included: Health Sciences Library and the Law Library are included.
1 Includes e-Book titles.
1a Includes e-Book titles held at the end of March 2007.
2 Past figures were inaccurately reported. Precise number of monographs purchased from 2000-01 onward is unavailable; all
monographs purchased are included in gross volumes added.
4–4b Includes government documents.
7 This data is included in microform units.
15–25 All expenditures were reported in Canadian Dollars. Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $6,148,532; (15b)
$10,258,161; (15c) 0 (15d) $643,927; (15) $17,050,620 (16) $83,550; (17a) $7,279,475; (17b) $10,266,485; (17c) $1,126,258; (17) $18,672,218; (19)
$11,286,901; (20) $47,093,289; (21) $7,430,459; (22) $7,237,813; (23a) 0 (23b) 0 (24) 0 (25) 0.
15c Cannot be disaggregated from monograph expenditures (15a) and serial expenditures (15b).
15d Includes GST (Goods and Services Tax), postage, courier, and supplies expenditures, as well as membership expenditures not
already paid through the materials budget.
17 Excludes fringe benefits.
21 This figure includes over 5 million of funding provided for digital library content.
26c Figure based on actual hours worked. Prior to 2000–2001, figures were based on hours hired to work.
32 Now excludes all renewals.
33 Now includes renewals done over the internet-- these were not included in years prior to 2007–2008.
35 We were unable to provide this figure for 2003–2004. We can now provide it again effective with the 2004–2005 report.
36 This figure can vary from year to year.
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