124 · ARL Statistics 2007–2008
15–25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,069,128; (15b) $5,771,863; (15c) $523,071; (15d) $981,321; (15) $8,345,383; (16)
$4,108; (17a) $3,041,636; (17b) $4,165,527; (17c) $610,019; (17) $7,817,182; (19) $1,418,590; (20) $17,585,263; (21) $402,772; (22) $4,953,432; (23a)
$96,055; (23b) $0; (24) $112,920; (25) $95,696.
15a Increase because of e-books added to collection.
16 Decreased number of journals received.
26 Classroom Audio Visual staff of 9 moved to Mills Library.
All figures are as of 05/31/2008.
Includes the Richter Library (central library); Calder Memorial Library (medical library); law library; and the architecture, business,
marine, and music libraries.
1 Includes 542,380 ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) and e-books in the following collections: ebrary, NetLibrary, Early
English Books Online, Gale’s 18th Century Collections Online, Women Writers Project, Wright American Fiction, Making of the
Modern World, Making of Modern Law, Literature Online, Sabin, Evans, Shaw-Shoemaker, and Gale Virtual Library.
2 Volumes purchased for 2006–2007 was 53,561, not 38,779 as reported (in prior years central library reported titles purchased, not
8 Medical library computer files are reported in (13).
13 Medical library audiovisual materials (10 through 13) and computer files (8) are reported in (13).
17a Excludes salaries of the University Librarian and directors of the law and medical libraries.
26a Includes library faculty and selected non-faculty professional staff. In prior years all non-faculty professional staff in the medical
library were reported in (26a); in 2008 they are reported in (26b).
26b Includes both support and selected non-faculty professional staff. In prior years all non-faculty professional staff in the medical
library were reported in (26a); in 2008 they are reported in (26b).
28 Combined weekly public service hours for all libraries is 122.
31 Transactions are based on enumerations in central, business, medical, and music libraries, and sampling in marine and law
libraries. Reference transactions for architecture library are not included.
Library branches included: University Library, Bentley Historical Library, William L. Clements Library, Kresge Business
Administration Library, and the Law Library.
Does not include any libraries from the Dearborn or Flint UM (University of Michigan) campuses.
1a Volumes held June 30, 2007 revised to 9,075,625. This number does not agree with the “Volumes held June 30, 2007” reported in the
2006-2007 ARL statistics because it includes 421,820 e-books that were held at that time, but not included in the definition of the
volume count for that year. Additionally, this includes 234,583 digitizations of volumes in the public domain (and hence available
full text) that were added to the HathiTrust digital repository in 07-08 and which are accessible through our catalog.
1bi This number includes 129,433 physical volumes and as well as e-books added during the year 2007–2008.
4 Owing to the way we keep our records, we cannot break down our serials into these categories while still de-duping by ISSN.
Catalogued serials with ISSNs have been de-duped within and across libraries, and the duplication rate in this category was 3.6%.
The reported figure also includes 19,659 cataloged serials without ISSNs and 21,294 serials which have not been cataloged; neither of
these categories have been de-duped.
6 We no longer count microform by physical unit. Our much recent count by that method was 8,445,189 reported in 2006–2007. This
number remains reasonably accurate as we acquire very little material in this form anymore and we do not withdraw any of it.
15c Includes the total library expenditures for Clements Library, which are not sub-divided into the categories listed.
Includes the following branch libraries: Biomedical & Physical Sciences, Business, Engineering, Gull Lake, Mathematics, Veterinary
Medical Center libraries.
1bii One branch library was closed.
10 Cartographic materials were counted incorrectly for 2006–2007.
4biv Includes 6,580 online titles.
15d Includes the following: $9,100.00 for Portico (a journal archive membership); $4,000.00 for Public Library of Science (Open Access
membership); $41,500.00 for Biomed Central (prepay account for Open Access article fees).
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