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shift and the opportunities to bring disparate groups together to benefit from *enterprise* wide planning,
implementation, and long-term maintenance finally seem to be appearing. I can honestly say there is a wealth
of opportunity at the campus level—but it is only going to be effective if the library can ‘sell’ the idea at the
top levels of university administration.”
“I have described the content of one ‘flavor’ of a digital repository at our institution. Other content, for
example, digital dissertations, are contained within a separate infrastructure. The amalgam of several structures
under one IR umbrella is currently being discussed and will more fully comprise a holistic IR for our campus.”
“We currently have 8200+ ETDs in our IR. We will be attempting to capture all Honors College Senior theses
for those graduating in Spring 2006.”
“Our next effort at populating the IR will be to work our 71 Regents Professors to showcase their scholarly
work in conjunction with a photo gallery display of Regents Profs in the Library.”
“IR development is in a preliminary stage so many questions have been left blank. A pilot project to seek
submissions of electronic theses and dissertations is currently underway.”
“The IR is not yet in production. A task force of librarians and central IT staff has been formed. To date, the
task force has done some preliminary investigation and hosted a visit by Cliff Lynch with attendees from each
of the colleges. The task force is currently examining and documenting the University’s entire information
landscape in order to determine next steps.”
“IR is centrally run for the benefit of 10 campuses.”
“Helping to lead planning process for a University System-wide repository including metasearching of contents
and IR hosting services.”
“The committee charged with developing a pilot IR formed in September 2005. It is anticipated that the pilot
project will go online in early to mid-2007; a full IR roll-out is anticipated for 2008/09.”
“The resource is in development with proposed rollout Jan 2007. We do not use the expression ‘institutional
repository’ as this expression does not convey significant meaning; indeed, it does not convey a message of
“The system we are building is distributed institutional repository, which focuses currently on investigating and
resolving issues related to data sets (collecting, describing, curating, archiving, etc.). Documentation is being
drafted, is under review, and not available at the time of this survey.”
“There are no immediate plans to develop an IR, but this will be re-assessed in six months.”
“This is still a work in progress. We are planning the launch of version 2 in March 2006. It will be a major
upgrade, able to accommodate a large number of DTD and schemas and we hope that this version will
stimulate more interest.”
“We are really struggling to get the IR off the ground and the lack of human resources dedicated to the
initiative has been the major barrier.”
“We found this survey to be very helpful in terms of giving us ideas on how to move forward (for example,
what specific kinds of information could be available on a public Web site; types of content to suggest to
potential submitters for the IR system.)”
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