Institutional Repositories · 87
34. Are any IR documents supplied to external users for commercial purposes with associated use
fees going to the institution? N=49
Yes 4 8% 3 9% 1 7%
No 45 92% 32 91% 13 93%
If yes, please describe the commercial use.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“ETDs— ProQuest”
“Image re-use is granted per request fees are negotiated by the collection owner.”
“Institutional images.”
“When the photographic collections of historic images become accessible via Content DM, commercial users
such as publishers and broadcast media will continue to pay fees for high resolution or darkroom images plus
fees for publication and other use.”
Benefits and Challenges
35. What are the top three benefits you feel your IR provides? N=50
Enhance visibility and increase dissemination of institution’s scholarship 34 68%
Free, open, timely access to scholarship 23 46%
Preservation of and long-term access to institution’s scholarship 18 36%
Preservation and stewardship of digital content 18 36%
Collecting, organizing assets in a central location 12 24%
Educate faculty about copyright, open access, scholarly communication 4 8%
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