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“MARC to DC”
“For titles cataloged in our OPAC ( the ExLibris product, Aleph), we have a map from MARC 21 to our internal
METS schema, which we call UFDC Mets. For author self submittals, we currently plan to use a Web form,
which will use basic pieces from the UFDC mets, with a touch of human intervention.”
“Dublin Core”
“Local formats in department or library databases; initial mapping is done by hand but will be automated once
the initial mapping is done.”
“Under development along with anticipated implementation of CONTENTdm.”
“MARC to Dublin Core”
23. Who enters metadata for deposited documents? Check all that apply. N=53
Authorized depositors enter simple metadata (e.g., Dublin core) 47 89% 33 94% 14 78%
IR staff enhance depositor-supplied metadata 33 62% 20 57% 13 72%
IR staff enter simple metadata for authorized users 31 59% 21 60% 10 56%
IR staff catalog material completely based on local standards 14 26% 11 31% 3 17%
Other procedure 11 21% 5 14% 6 33%
Please describe other procedure.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“A program in the system creates and enters the metadata automatically.”
“Cataloging staff provide metadata for local material; also some is handled in batches from other databases
and library catalog where applicable.”
“Currently in pilot planning phase; to be decided.”
“If material is in local catalog (ExLibris OPAC), metadata can be imported in via Excel batch loader.”
“IR staff will apply national standards as available.”
“Metadata entered through independent interface by depositors.”
“Mixed—IR staff & depositors.”
“Postprints MD ingested from harvested citations (after being mailed to faculty).”
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