Institutional Repositories · 75
“At request of author at the direction of the Provost by legal order.”
“If requested by authorized departmental depositor.”
“Infringement of copyright (this hasn’t happened yet).”
“Author request.”
“Unintended duplication, copyright violation, remain flexible for ad hoc circumstances.”
“In consultation with appropriate parties.”
“Licensing, rights issues.”
“If document was mistakenly entered or there is an issue with copyright or appropriateness.”
“Legal issue or to protect intellectual property.”
“In cases of legal necessity metadata for withdrawn items are retained.”
“As copyright becomes more of an issue, we require withdrawal flexibility at local university level.”
“Upon request of author.”
“By author request or for legal reasons.”
“Needs to be encoded in a policy one example would be research misconduct.”
Author, specific circumstances
“Only if there are copyright problems.”
“Their rational may not be based on a change of heart about the content only under legal threat from outside
or plagiarism, will we remove items.”
“A ‘tombstone’ will remain in system with a message about withdrawal.”
“Preprints can be replaced with postprints.”
“Tombstone or reference of removed documents remains.”
“Authors can request withdrawal, and reasons/terms for this are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.”
“Guidelines are determined by each community.”
Other authority
“Advisory committee retains the right to withdraw materials in numerous situations.”
“All withdrawn materials will be traced in the form of a note field in the Dublin Core record. We will supply a
tombstone when the withdrawn item is requested. Tombstone will include original metadata and withdrawal
“Again, as with multiple versioning, this option is still in discussion.”
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