Institutional Repositories · 61
“We are using open source technology which is hosted on existing servers. The maintenance is done by our
regular staff.”
“Portions of various staff members time reallocated to the IR project. Full time programmer salary and benefits
came from not filling an empty position within public services.”
“Costs for staff and vendor are reallocated from other uses in the libraries.”
“Personnel, hardware, and software costs are currently represented within library unit budgets.”
“Operational costs are covered by absorbing the work into existing units and activities.”
“Annual licensing of system funded by Information Technology Services (ITS) reallocation of library resources
for all other IR operational costs.”
“IR is operated out of system-wide office, not our institution.”
“IR is a department within the library funded in the same way as other departments.”
“We use free, open-source software all other costs (server, staff time) are part of our standard, over-all
“Technical development and support are done by existing staff charged with repository and digital services
development and support (librarians and programmers). Collection selection and digitization are done by
existing staff (librarians) charged with developing the library’s digital collections. Similarly, metadata services
are provided by existing cataloging staff.”
“Because of the intermingling of software and hardware acquisition and maintenance for other projects, it is
hard to identify IR costs. However, staffing is by far the largest cost.”
“Absorbed by operations budgets of the three campus departments participating (Graduate Studies,
Information, Systems, &Technology, and the library).”
“Software licensing fee is paid from library technology fee EPC is partially self-supporting through grants and
contract work staff responsibilities in DLS have been shifted to allow librarians in that department to take on
this new work.”
Planning an IR
“At this time, we are still in the planning stages. We have committed staff time to the Greenstone
programming and to the planning group. Dedicated funds were used to purchase hardware for the DL (Digital
Library) which will include the IR. There are no hard IR funding figures yet.”
“As mentioned above, the current consortium membership fees cover the IR operations. But this is not a long-
term model.”
“Reallocation of existing librarian position commitment of systems and reference librarians/staff to the
“Operational costs of the pilot project will be covered by existing area budgets.”
“At this time expenses for the IR are woven into the operations of the involved units. Three servers are
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