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Selected Comments from Respondents
Minor Changes
“We created a quick submit button to allow submitters to enter a limited amount of metadata.”
“Modifications have been made to allow for LDAP authentication of users.”
“Metadata changes and search capabilities.”
“Works with campus authentication system”
“Bitstream modifications. Local authentication and authorization.”
“RSS feeds”
“A few minor changes have been made (the University of Alberta has adapted the University of Manitoba code
to generate Library and Archive Canada’s ETD metadata).”
“’Researcher Pages’ added to current release. Work on authentication to local system.”
“Plan to perform greater customization using the Manakin XML UI for DSpace.”
Major Modifications
“CDL’s version of the bepress software is highly modified from the original EdiKit, though it is not very
different from that available through Digital Commons, i.e., most of the co-developed changes have been
carried into DC.”
“Our IR consists of multiple systems running a variety of IR software. These expose their metadata to a
metadata repository that provides a harvester and user interface for searching and linking to them, and we
built these pieces ourselves. To access grid resources (e.g., research datasets) that we represent in our IR, we
developed an OAI-PMH-to-SRB translator called OAISRB. User interfaces have been customized to represent a
consistent look-and-feel with other library systems.”
“Changed the complete interface system.”
“Out of the box, Greenstone ‘holds’ the metadata and the digital resources/objects, allows them to be
searched, and creates results lists. The default Greenstone presentation layer (display on the Web) is not very
customizable so MUCH work has been done in house to create a new/different/custom presentation layer.”
“We have been heavily customizing the workflow of DSpace and have made other customizations. We are also
actively contributing to the DSpace development community.”
Frequent Changes
“Metadata—ETD-ms, Scorm Crosswalk to MARC. Multiple submission types created. Help Screens modified
and created. Interface modified.”
“Minor layout adjustments, some operational modifications.”
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