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is unknown, but likely to be nothing short of a mandate. At this time, the system-wide academic council is
considering a proposal that UC faculty routinely grant to UC a non-exclusive license to manage their content
in the institutional repository.”
“We work with the Graduate College to get a copy of the electronic theses or dissertation and the distribution
rights from students. Students are required to submit the ETD to the Graduate College but could deny
distribution rights.”
“Faculty have been very receptive to offering materials for inclusion.”
“We have identified candidate collections from on-campus sources (library and academic) that would most
likely collaborate in the IR development and whose content would be of greatest benefit to our community. We
work continuously to build collaborations among these units and to resource collection development toward
shared goals.”
“The percentage of theses submitted electronically has been increasing every year since it became an option in
“Still in pilot state of the IR. Need easier to use interfaces before an aggressive campaign is launched to
recruit contributions.”
“We have not put any effort into this.”
“We’re really just starting to figure this out. Some have been really easy, others more difficult.”
“Currently, it’s again a question of policy—the academic affairs side of the university has a very diverse body
of departments and schools and every single one is ripe for inclusion in the IR. But the framework for effective
IR policy at the local university level is not yet created. Spring 2006 much work is planned to bolster the IR
operations, both via the consortium model as well as from central university information technology services.”
“We have not yet expended much effort to recruit content as we are still in the implementation phase. We
have identified a set of early adopters but have not moved beyond this group.”
“University administrators and faculty, as a whole, are interested and enthusiastic. Individual units sometimes
express reluctance due to perceived loss of control.”
Somewhat difficult
“Faculty operate very independently and think they can do this on their own.”
“We have one collection where there seems to be a high motivation to do submissions, but it is too early to
say if that will pan out. Apart from that, our repository has very few items in it to date. Having said that, it is
largely due to the fact that we have not systematically promoted it.”
“Working with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Learning Technology Centre has been easy because they
could see we were solving a problem for them. Approaching other faculties has been more difficult because
the reason for the IR is not perceived as clearly.”
“With more than 50 communities in Dspace there is no single answer to this. Some departments have been
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