80 · SPEC Kit 292
26. Is there any pressure on authors to submit content to the IR? N=52
No pressure on authors to submit content 28 54% 18 50% 10 63%
They are encouraged to do so 21 40% 16 44% 5 31%
They are not required to do so, but this is being actively
2 4% 1 3% 1 6%
They are required to do so 1 2% 1 3%
If required, please explain.
“Students must submit theses or dissertations.”
27. On a scale of 1 to 5—where 1 is very easy and 5 is very difficult—please indicate how much
effort has been required to obtain materials to deposit in the IR. N=48
N Very easy
Total 48 4 7 12 15 10
Have 35 1 7 5 14 8
Planning 13 3 7 1 2
Please explain.
Selected Comments from Respondents
Very easy
“They have come to us.”
“As word has spread about our collaborations with research investigators, others come forward seeking similar
solutions to data management/cyberinfrastructure issues.”
“At this time, there are many, many digital publications available on the Web site that are possible IR content.
In an early phase, these materials will be harvested by IR staff. Over time, wider sets of intellectual content will
be recruited from faculty, graduate students, etc.”
“It has been very easy to identify content for the pilot. We anticipate high interest in specific arenas when we
move to production mode.”
Somewhat easy
“It has been easier than we expected to get the first 10,000 papers deposited by faculty departments into
the repository, but what it will take to attract a significant percentage of the 28,000 UC authored articles
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