56 · SPEC Kit 292
“This project was done without a dedicated budget.”
“The IR, which consists of both DSpace and CONTENTdm, does not have a separate budget, but is included
within the digital library and IT budgets.”
“Budget concerns are assumed under overall library budget by the director.”
“IR is part of library’s repository development program and was not separately budgeted.”
“Funded via library’s operational budget.”
“No dedicated budget at this point. We typically don’t do programmatic budgeting for operations. We fund
server/storage hardware out of ITS ops budget, so any incremental increases to server/storage needed to
support IR are handled that way.”
“One limited term appointment to provide leadership and coordinate projects which create digital collections
through digitization of electronic publishing.”
“The School of Engineering and Applied Science funded the pilot, the library provided staff. Cost of the service
has since been assumed by the library to keep budget from inhibiting adoption by other schools and centers.
We expect academic units to contribute a larger portion of the staffing need as the IR grows.”
Planning an IR
“Too early to indicate the costs.”
“Since IR metadata and digital object content will (probably) reside within Greenstone, many funds dedicated
towards creation of local digital library are also in support of IR. While the costs in terms of programming and
development staff have been significant, to pull out $for IR alone would be difficult and time consuming.”
“As the IR we currently have available is hosted and managed by the consortium, the original start-up costs
were absorbed by the yearly regular membership fees of the consortium members. Ongoing operation has not
yet been effectively budgeted, but as we move more and more into predicted heavy usage, a cost model needs
to be established.”
“The ongoing operation budget is approximate only. This is a six-year project funded through the Office of the
Provost, the University Library, and the Academic Computing department. Part of the project is to determine
the true costs of operating an institutional repository for the university.”
“The decision about the exact amount that will be allotted for start-up costs and ongoing operation has not
been determined by the Library Dean and the University CIO.”
“Out of pocket expense has been limited to desktop development tools and server/storage/tech support
“A Provost Opportunity Fund grant was awarded for start-up costs. Ongoing operations are a part of the
library’s budget.”
“Budget is centralized at our consortium.”
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