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If yes, please describe techniques to control versioning.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Superceding works are deposited and linked to original record a link to the previous version is presented on
the metadata page.”
“Multiple versions are held within the system, but only one version is viewable at a time.”
“DSpace permits versioning.”
“Author’s control.”
“We add the revised document to the original digital object, with a date and additional metadata describing
the revision.”
“It is allowed we have accepted multiple versions and have noted this in the subsequent records. We are
looking at modifying the software code to do this better.”
“Submitter can: note version in document title include information in relation element of metadata record
use date of issue to indicate version.”
“Communities within the IR have control over what they allow for versioning. They are encouraged, though, to
submit last version only.”
“In some series, older versions are archived.”
“No specific versioning provisions beyond submit date.”
“We have this capability but haven’t used it as yet.”
“Software and metadata support version control.”
“At present, there is no special control.”
“Multiple versions are one item in DSpace with multiple files.”
“Included within the same deposit, but the file names indicate the different versions. One version does NOT
replace another.”
“Pre-prints may be withdrawn and replaced with post prints. For other materials, multiple versions, showing
progression are preferred.”
“Versioning is done merely by adding dates of creation to the metadata.”
“CVS style versioning native to the repository software.”
“Author’s discretion.”
“Qualified DC allows for version info.”
“Potentially a pre- and a post-print might be included in the repository. We will use date published and
inclusion of citation information to indicate versions.”
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