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Other Staff Category N=1
Have an IR
Advisory .01 FTE
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have an IR
“Assistant Director for Library Public Services was co-project director and participated in faculty contact
and promotion and developed policies and procedures. One reference librarian reporting to the Head of
the Reference Department became DSpace Coordinator, learned how to use the software for input, and
worked one-on-one with faculty and department staff. Reference librarians who were subject liaisons to the
departments involved also met with interested faculty at the initial meeting, and assisted with metadata.
The Head of Digital User Services Department, reporting to the Assistant Director for Library Public Services,
and her staff managed staff/students and students scanning reports for departments and research centers.
Scanning by the library for the IR later became a part of the project, separately funded by the university.”
“Cares for the servers on which the software is loaded.”
“Charged to investigate a distributed institutional repository which included both document and data
“Librarians from both central and special library technical units contribute to the metadata development.
The degree of participation varies depending on the number of collections in development. Three primary
contributors are represented in these stats plus the director who manages the workflow and has ultimate
purview over the metadata construction. An additional cohort of technical services staff serve in an advisory
capacity as the Metadata Team. Members of the advisory are called upon to work on projects as needed/
“Librarians in other subject areas are beginning to work on the project as the service community expands
beyond Engineering. We plan a distributed model for growing the repository. Subject librarians are responsible
for identifying ‘ripe’ opportunities for new IR content, advocating the IR to campus constituencies, and
developing linkages between the IR and content holders.”
“Only two people are involved in the IR, one librarian and one support staff each working 10% of their time.
The librarian involved is also the Coordinator of Collections Management. The support staff member does most
of the ongoing work with students and Web pages.”
“The computer analyst involvement in this project is the security and maintenance of the server.”
“This includes the various library liaisons to faculty department.”
“This is system administration and the technical aspects of managing the application itself (installation,
upgrades, patches, etc.)”
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