82 · SPEC Kit 292
supporters from the beginning others have been very reluctant to participate. Within departments some
faculty are very active depositors, others deposit nothing. Recruitment of some ‘types’ of content is simple,
other types more difficult (especially published articles).”
“Our IR is still young. We haven’t reached a momentum yet that would allow us to recruit content more
“Not a priority for most faculty.”
“There is a reluctance on the part of faculty and research community to participate.”
“Initially, it was very difficult. Now that we have acquired a critical mass, more departments and individual
authors are approaching us. It is getting easier to acquire new content every day.”
“Recruiting and managing copyrighted material—a core collecting goal—has been difficult and time-
“A marketing team is working on motivation and incentive programming currently there is a focus on working
with faculty data sets.”
“Faculty need regular encouragement and reminders.”
“Difficult concept to explain. Faculty often prefer their own sites or want to retain the ability to remove
materials at will. Not as compelling a task as research and teaching. Copyright difficult. Overall too hard to
give up control and add to workload.”
Very difficult
“The problem is more related to a lack of marketing of the IR.”
“Faculty are reluctant to deposit for a variety of reasons—too hard, forgetfulness, don’t see the need, etc.”
“Authors don’t see any advantage yet to do so. We are planning to input, soon, a critical mass of content with
the ETD and to implement a version 2 of Archimede in order to augment the visibility of our IR.”
“Faculty are very support and even enthusiastic about the IR when it is presented to them but few actually
deposit or if they do, few persist in depositing.”
“Faculty who are approached are supportive of the idea, but usually too busy to submit content. Copyright is
often a concern as well.”
“IF we do the work, most will give us documents, but authors are generally unwilling to go through the multi-
step process themselves.”
“We are only at beginning stages and have not yet embarked on campus-wide content recruitment phase.”
“From reading anecdotal experiences of others and investigating existing IRs, it is clear that populating IRs is a
significant challenge.”
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