86 · SPEC Kit 292
“We have a closed collection for theses and dissertations to protect students with pending patents or
copyright issues.”
“Retrospective dissertations are for campus use only. Also a few miscellaneous items have been handled this
way due to potential legal constraints.”
“Not currently, but we will eventually have collections that will be restricted to an individual college on
“For ETDs—Restricted collection available to students requesting this option.”
“Collections can be limited to the MIT community at the discretion of the owner.”
“Some department materials are restricted to faculty in that department. E-dissertations are available but not
free to non-university users.”
“Access to dissertation restricted to university affiliates.”
“IP, user account”
“Certain faculty collections have requested restricted access due to copyright issues with images cultural
concerns with primary source materials from tribal communities.”
“Some have campus only restrictions.”
“Images derived from copyrighted materials (i.e., copystand photography) are restricted to IP_authenticated
university users and affiliates.”
“Some material is limited to campus users only. Some is limited to the members of the depositing department
or to a list of authorized users. Authentication is currently being done with default DSpace user management,
but will be set to use campus authentication system (EIDs).”
“Authors are free to restrict access to institutional IPs (all, not specific departments.) We instituted this policy,
reluctantly, after user feedback. To date, no one has used it.”
“One community has images which are currently available only to those who are members of an international
research consortium.”
“The research project material from one academic unit is restricted to project members.”
“Subject to copyright and individual author/departmental policy.”
“We have not yet implemented restrictions but will allow access restrictions on a limited basis to either a
group of identified users or to only the campus.”
“Pilot will help us determine levels of security required.”
“Currently in pilot planning phase plan to allow for some access controls, as needed, in pilot project.”
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