Institutional Repositories · 25
3. What motivated your institution to establish an IR? Check all that apply. N=67
A desire to:
Preserve institution’s scholarship 62 93% 35 95% 27 90%
Increase global visibility of institution’s scholarship 62 93% 36 97% 26 87%
Provide free access to institution’s scholarship 61 91% 33 89% 28 93%
Collect and organize institution’s scholarship in a single system 58 87% 33 89% 25 83%
Respond to requests for an IR from faculty, staff, or students 28 42% 14 38% 14 47%
Other motivating factor 15 22% 8 22% 7 23%
Please specify other motivating factor.
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have an IR
“Change scholarly communication by demonstrating alternative mechanisms.”
“To make public, materials of value not typically published.”
“Provide a source for teaching resources that can be used and/or repurposed.”
“Part of developing a distributed institutional repository systems which includes docs and data.”
“[Create] centrally accessible repository for educational media and learning objects.”
“Increase global availability of [the university’s] scholarship.”
Planning an IR
“Provide a solution to researchers’ data management and data publication needs.”
“Foundation for digital library services & infrastructure.”
“Apply libraries’ leadership to the important issue of preserving and providing access to scholarly
communication for the university.”
“Manage digital materials for University Archives.”
“Contribute to Open Access movement; fulfill legal records retention mandates; position university as a leader
in managing digital assets.”
“Aggregate library-created digital content. Infrastructure for faculty digitization initiatives.”
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