Institutional Repositories · 25
3. What motivated your institution to establish an IR? Check all that apply. N=67
A desire to: Total
Preserve institution’s scholarship 62 93% 35 95% 27 90%
Increase global visibility of institution’s scholarship 62 93% 36 97% 26 87%
Provide free access to institution’s scholarship 61 91% 33 89% 28 93%
Collect and organize institution’s scholarship in a single system 58 87% 33 89% 25 83%
Respond to requests for an IR from faculty, staff, or students 28 42% 14 38% 14 47%
Other motivating factor 15 22% 8 22% 7 23%
Please specify other motivating factor.
Selected Comments from Respondents
Have an IR
“Change scholarly communication by demonstrating alternative mechanisms.”
“To make public, materials of value not typically published.”
“Provide a source for teaching resources that can be used and/or repurposed.”
“Part of developing a distributed institutional repository systems which includes docs and data.”
“[Create] centrally accessible repository for educational media and learning objects.”
“Increase global availability of [the university’s] scholarship.”
Planning an IR
“Provide a solution to researchers’ data management and data publication needs.”
“Foundation for digital library services &infrastructure.”
“Apply libraries’ leadership to the important issue of preserving and providing access to scholarly
communication for the university.”
“Manage digital materials for University Archives.”
“Contribute to Open Access movement fulfill legal records retention mandates position university as a leader
in managing digital assets.”
“Aggregate library-created digital content. Infrastructure for faculty digitization initiatives.”
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