Institutional Repositories · 41
“These numbers are for the whole dept. Only one fulltime support staff and one librarian are working on the
IR project.”
“This is a new position which is in the process of being hired. The person will be supervised by the Associate
Dean for Collections and work closely with Special Collections and University Archives.”
“This represents the [main library] staff only. Liaisons from other university libraries will also perform these
functions for their constituencies.”
Unit 2
Have an IR N=28
Name of unit IR responsibility Manager’s title Unit reports to
Applications Group System administration Director of Applications
Associate Dean for
Information Management
Archives Gather and load archival
content, esp. campus e-
Department Head Associate Director for
Technical Services
Campus IT Backup Operations Manager Head, Campus IT
Central Technical Services Metadata development Assistant Director of
University Libraries for
Technical Services
Associate Vice President for
University Libraries (chief
administrative officer for
the University Libraries)
Collections and Scholarly
Manage print and e-
Director Associate Dean
Collections Management Planning, implementation,
ETD information web
pages, liaison with FGS,
contact with students,
general contact with faculty
Coordinator, Collections
Associate Director
Computing Operations &
Research Services
Technical advice Director Dean
Digital Library Program Running digital library
Head Associate University
Librarian for the Electronic
Digital Outreach Communication with
Digital Outreach Librarian General Reference
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