Institutional Repositories · 79
Subject specialists in the library have acted as advocates with
their faculty
40 70% 28 78% 12 57%
IR staff have offered to deposit electronic materials for authors 34 60% 23 64% 11 52%
IR staff have offered to digitize printed materials and deposit
them for authors
27 47% 18 50% 9 43%
Faculty and/or administrators have encouraged deposit by
25 44% 21 58% 4 19%
Electronic announcements via e-mail, the Web, or other means 25 44% 19 53% 6 29%
Symposiums and conferences have been held to raise
awareness of related scholarly communication issues
20 35% 14 39% 6 29%
Other strategy 19 33% 13 36% 6 29%
Please describe other strategy.
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Brochure Web sites flyers PPT available on Web site.”
“No promoting.”
“We’ve contracted with the campus student newspaper to get their stories.”
“Upcoming visit to campus by Cliff Lynch.”
“Getting contributors to advocate with spouses and friends.”
“Setting up publication alerts on relevant databases, then asking faculty for that content in a timely manner.”
“We have begun with electronic theses and dissertations. We are currently developing an approach to content
“Brochures, article in newsletter.”
“IR staff have made presentations to graduate students to publicize and explain the electronic thesis
submission option.”
“Library staff have begun harvesting materials from Web sites in particular colleges.”
“Collaboration with active sponsored research projects.”
“IR staff examine Web sites on campus and gather materials for inclusion.”
“Incorporated existing digital collections, such as ETDs and accreditation documents database.”
“Contacts with Library Digital Program and Center for Educational Resources staff.”
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