62 · SPEC Kit 292
involved, a portion of one is dedicated for library use, another is part of a federal grant project, and a third is
part of a state grant project.”
If you offer fee-based IR services (e.g., digitization or metadata enhancement) that provide IR
income, please identify them. N=1
“We do offer digitization services (fee-based) to departments. At this time we are not using these funds for the
Hardware and Software
10. Please indicate whether your IR system is located at your institution or consortium (e.g.,
DSpace) or at an IR vendor’s site (e.g., DigitalCommons). If it is locally hosted, briefly describe
the IR’s central site hardware and software configuration, identify the IR software used, the
computer model, computer memory, disk storage, and operating system. If it is vendor hosted,
please identify the vendor. N=59
Locally hosted by parent institution 49 83% 28 78% 21 91%
Locally hosted by consortium 3 5% 1 3% 2 9%
Hosted by vendor 7 12% 7 19%
Locally Hosted IR N=48
Have an IR N=28
Freeware Commercial
Computer Model Memory Storage Operating
Archimède Compaq Proliant ML 370
Dual P3 750Mhz
1 GB 356 GB Windows 2000
DSpace (6)
DSpace .5 TB
DSpace 500 GB Linux
DSpace Apple XServe 1 TB OS X
DSpace Dell PowerEdge 1650 1 GB 36 GB SUSE Linux 9
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